It might be coding, it might be mathematics, but this is a place I might post it.  See also abiessu on everything2.com.


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  1. Greetings! You edited my post on Math Stackexchange this morning and I haven’t gotten any responses, other than yours. I was wondering if I could correspond with you about the question I posed and possibly get your own thoughts. I think the question I posed could be important to an eventual proof of the famous twin primes conjecture. (The question, to remind, is this— where P is prime and Px + 2 is prime infinitely often per Dirichlet’s theorem, is x obliged to be prime at least once?)

    I am, like you, an amateur mathematician, but also a music theorist by trade who uses a lot of math. I would be very interested in sharing my thinking about this and what it may have to do with the twin primes conjecture.

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